This brand was especially crafted to inspire us to live every day like we are on Vacation. You might wonder what that means or say, "I can't just take off of work and jump on a plane to Fiji at the moment," which is completely understandable! However, the word "vacation" to us is a mindset. It's a way of life. 

When you are on vacation, what are some of the things that occur? You have less stress, less worry, you are free to daydream, imagine, splurge, drink the coffee, breathe easier and treat yourself. You surround yourself with a beautiful, new environment that allows you to feel refreshed and hopeful. Positive thoughts and a grateful heart are more prevalent than ever... SO, why would we only allow ourselves to feel these emotions once (maybe twice) a year?! 

When you realize what things make vacation special for you- see if you can add a few of them to your weekly routines. I understand that we still need to be responsible, save, build a future, etc. However, if you could intentionally add amazing things to your life (right now), why wouldn't you? 

Step 1: Discover why you enjoy taking a vacation. Write at least 10 ideas down. 

Step 2: Pick 2 (or more) of those ideas and get creative on how you can implement them in your life. 

Step 3: Get a calendar and plan it out!!

Even if this only brought one extra smile a week or one more positive thought to your mind, it would be worth it. Your smile could affect your coworker's day. Your positive thought could set the tone on how you handle your school work. One person can cause a huge change in the world. It all starts with one positive thought, and that world-changer could be YOU!

All that to say, whether you are packing your suitcase (with all of your Norvell Ruiz shirts) and jumping on a plane to Bali or sitting on the other side of the couch watching a movie- show us where your shirt travels! 

Tag us at @norvellruizllc for a chance to be featured!! 

XOXO - Mrs. Norvell Ruiz 

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